The following is an extract of studies and work carried out since Railectric’s take-off. We shall be pleased to give you more information and further references on request.

We are proud to have supported EZ and Czech Rail with the first 50Hz Static Frequency Converters in mainland Europe. The pilot installations at Otrokovice and Rikovice have transformed the network from 3kVDC to 25kVAC without any modification to the incoming utility infrastructure and are now synchronised to the existing Nedakonice 25kV AC substation, resulting in an optimised feeding configuration for Czech Rail, proving to deliver large cost savings for such a conversion. Railectric have supported EZ primarily in protection and control design of the system as well as commissioning support of the new system. The collaboration between Railectric and EZ ensures an optimised system for Czech Rail.

Implementation of a revised protection concept in the nine 15 kV switching stations of the Lötschberg Base Tunnel (LBT). Calculation of protection settings, download into the protection relays with simultaneous change of the firmware, verification of protection including tripping, alarms (to the SCADA) and remote access.

Participation in the study for the future traction power supply concept for the Zurich node in the phases analysis, concept and synthesis. Detailed analysis using µPAS/ZFS-simulations of all elaborated supply schemes with the timetable concept 2025. The investigations covered voltage quality, conductor and transformer loading, maximum short-circuit currents, voltage differences at section separations as well as feasibility considerations for protection, for both normal and emergency supply configurations.

The assessment covered the overhead lines in the publicly accessible sectors, the concept for traction current return and earthing as well as the automatic earthing system. It has been carried out in accordance with TS 50562 (Process, measures and demonstration of safety for electric traction systems).

Assessment and optimisation of the protection concept at the system switchover AC – DC for the new line Mendrisio (CH) – Varese (I).

Support of the customer for the implementation, among others with questions of protection, voltage stability and loading of equipment when operating special supply configurations.